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Porter Group saved our lives! My wife had been diagnosed with cancer and was unable to work for a year. Our lender didn’t want to listen to our predicament. Everywhere we turned we were met with deaf ears. We were shocked. We had been making our mortgage payment for 15 years and now, when we needed help the most, it’s as if we were invisible. Our oldest son had a friend whose parents had used the services of Porter. While they hadn’t suffered from a medical situation they had been in their home about 10 years when they ran into problems that kept them from paying their mortgage. Their home was saved by Millenium. Michael at Porter was very nice. He understood our situation. He asked some questions, we faxed in their forms. We then had to send in quite a bit of personal paperwork, but it was well worth it. After updating some stuff over and over again we finally got called with the great news. That evening our entire family cried with joy. We couldn’t believe it. We asked ourselves why were so many people losing their homes when there was a company that could help them. We tell all our friends about Porter, even if they’re not in a situation where they could lose their home. We learned the hard way that you never know when you might need help.
Thank you Porter. We truly love you.
John, Kathy, Kimberley, Kerry, and Kyle

I was preparing to be divorced.  My wife told me I could keep the house, as she believed I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the mortgage payments.  I knew it would be extremely tight, but I didn’t want to lose the house.  With one income and other bills I knew it would be challenging.  I had heard of Porter Group in my social circles and figured what could it hurt to call them.  I spoke with Mark in their office.  He asked me some questions about my situation.  He told me I was a perfect candidate for a loan modification.  I was going through a divorce and in turn had a major hardship.  I was going to see a considerable reduction in income.  And with my other bills it was obvious that at some point I could fall into a pattern of missing mortgage payments. Also my mortgage interest rate was about to adjust. Mark contacted my lender, explained my circumstances, and worked out a loan modification that reduced my interest rate, significantly reduced my mortgage payment, and even changed the term!  It was too perfect!  I now could make my m mortgage payment and pay my other bills with just my income!  I would get to keep the house!  My wife I’m sure was having second thoughts about her decision to give me the house.
Thank you Mark!
Thank you Porter Group!

To Matthew, Mark and Michael,
Your organization helped us to get an affordable mortgage payment after trying with them for over 9 months to no avail. We just recently had a baby and were in serious danger of losing our home. We thought that we had handled the modification on our own and when we received the package the payment was more than it was when I applied. I had been relieving numerous letters in the mail for assistance and while in a panic state your call had just arrived. I was lucky enough to speak Matt and Max. They went above and beyond our expectations. We were very reluctant for a lot of reason and the payment was one. I have heard other people say they have paid lawyers a fee without good results. I could tell right away how knowledgeable they both were. They quickly calmed us down and did a quick verification of eligibility at that time. We truly need consoling throughout the entire process and called both of them several times to make sure everything was going okay. We were extremely happy with the results and with there compassion they displayed to us, even when we were crying at times. The turn around time was excellent and there customer services was 150%. I applaud them and your agency, Porter Group.

To Porter Group,
We just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how much we appreciated all of your help with our loan modification. I can’t tell you how much it helped to take the worry out of the day to day stress having you guys take control.
Your comforting expertise helped keep us calm through some of the toughest times. Thank you for allowing us to call you at all hours of the day and night to get updates, I'm sure it was not as easy for you, but it gave us that personal touch that we needed and that so many other businesses have lost.
Your company did a fantastic job of keeping us informed and were very professional to work with. Prior to contacting you, we did some of the leg work on our own and got nowhere at all and we were rejected. Your firm had that decision reversed and got us a principal reduction of over $160,000! That and the modification of the rates and payments terms on our first and second allowed us to keep our home. Thank you so much for all of your help – we could have never done it without you.
Kathy & Donald OH

I have been working with Matthew and Mark for the last 7 months on my modification and must say they have been GREAT ,they know business well,they are ALWAYS available to answer your questions no matter what day of the week . I received a letter from my mortgage company on a Saturday and I got anxious and emailed Matthew at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, I was not expecting a reply until Monday morning within 30 minutes of me sending the email Matthew was on my cell phone explaining the letter and answering all my questions I have now been put on a trial plan,I will definitely recommend Porter Group.
Shelly G

Our experience with Porter Group, LLC was a very pleasant experience. I do have to admit we were scared because all of the scams that are out there. However, in spite of our fears we took a stab at it. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They made us feel as though we were in this together. Not like I was just a number. Thanks so much for your caring and excellent customer service skills throughout the entire process.A+++

Good afternoon Gentlemen,
I trust that you have done your "very best" to secure this out come on my modification loan on my behalf. It had not provided the solution I was looking for to lower my mortgage payments. However; it did save me from losing my home and I am grateful. It's been a long process and now its finally over. It has been a pleasure working with you!
Ms. Wallace

April 21, 2011
To: Matthew at Porter Group,
This is a real story!! With an incredible ending!! I Ray Plumley have been in my home for 29 years my boys all were born and raised in this home. With what seems to be never ending economy problem, I have been laid off of my union job for two years. I had not made a payment on my home for 24 months and had tried to deal with the mortgage company direct and they were just customer service people reading from a computer screen , that did not even really care. I had used another modification company before finding Matt and his team, they were unsuccessful!! I had basically given up all hope of saving my home, then I received a solicitation call that I luckily answered and it was Matt’s company!! I was very skeptical of course I had already paid the other mod company, $2400.00 with no success . They were very nice and professional and right to the point!! They said that after reviewing all of my information that if they decide to take me as a client they will guarantee that they could get my loan in order or I would get my money back!! They were successful!!!! My loan was reduced by 65% and I am able to keep our house!! My Family is so relieved!! Thank you so much Matthew!!
Ray Plumley & Sons

I have, for the past 3 months, done business with Matt at Porter Group. I can't begin to tell you how very satisfied I am in working with them. I have dealt exclusively with Matt at Porter Group, the director of mitigation, and he has been excellent. In the past 2 years, I have dealt with Wells Fargo myself and with absolutely no success and with a great deal of agravation. I also about a year ago employed a company in California and they took me for 1,000.00 and did nothing. Working with Matt was like a breath of fresh air. He came through for me and my wife big time. My mortgage payment went from 2,102.00 a month to 1099.29 per month. I recommend them highly to anyone who has reached the end of their rope, because they will come though for you.
Gregory A. Y.

After a horrible experience with another company and almost losing my house twice with them, I turned to Porter Group. Matt of handled it personally and did an exemplary job. He talked with my mortgage company (Wells Fargo Home Mortgage) and got them to listen, where I could not and the other company WOULD NOT. Furthermore, they showed only the greatest respect for my problems and me. They seemed to understand where others did not! My house is safe and my piece of mind restored! YAY!!!! Porter Group are the greatest.

Matthew at Porter Group did an incredible job for me! I had previously paid another company to modify my loan, they went out of business and I was out $3000.00. I was very leary about trusting anyone else to help me. All my fears went away after one week of working with Matthew and Porter Group. First off Matthew provides one on one service, he does not pass your file on to someone else. Matthew always gets back to you, in fact he calls you and keeps you up to date on your case. You can not do this alone. It takes someone who knows the procedures and has an established relationship with the mortgage companies. Matthew took care of every detail from day one. Matthew was able to work out an incredible modification for me enabling me to keep my house and raise my family. I am very, very grateful that I was lucky enough to find Matthew and Porter Group and would highly recommend his services to anyone.
Dean M


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